There are many ways to bring nature indoors. You may start keeping a pet. You may fill your home with plants and flowers. You may create indoor jungles. Or you may simply choose one of these interesting head wall mounts.

Such wall decor mounts function as trophy boards that are completely cruelty-free. Their appealing design complements any interior. The great thing about these heads is that they are animal-friendly. Designers use such materials as plaster, metal, wood, carton, etc. You may find wall mounts in any color and size.

wall decor

wall decor

source: kariherer

wall decor

source: brit+co

Such wall mounts give you the possibility to create your own wild collection. It’s a type of wall art that adds the needed contrast and an element of surprise. Plant lovers, there is no need to get disappointed. There are some head wall mounts that allow you to make interior greener with a help of your favorite plants and flowers.

animal planter

source: decoist

metal Eco Deer

wall planter Eco Deer

source: Eco Deer

These are head wall mounts we like most of all. If you need more ideas on how to bring nature indoors, check out our blog twice a week. Have a nice weekend!

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