We’ve got great news. A new Eco Deer is here! It combines the appreciation for simplicity with the attention to details. In a word, there is a cool geometric metal Eco Deer in black and silver colours. You can order it immediately in our shops on EcoDeers.com and ecodeer.etsy.com. Or you may read more about the story of its creation and order it later.



The idea to create metal Eco Deer was born from my love to geometric home decor. I tried to imagine how Eco Deer would look in a metal variant. When I was holding it for the first time, I was happy that my idea turned into a nice product. I think it looks modern and stylish. It’s a perfect option for people who want to add some greenery into their minimalist interiors.

IMG_2918 IMG_2880



There are two types of new metal Eco Deer: stylish black and silver. The size of the metal base is 11.02in x9.25in (280mm x 235mm). Eco Deer is made from metal and painted with eco-friendly acrylic paint. It looks shiny and refined.



Metal Eco Deer pairs well with flowers in bloom, branches, tropical leaves, interesting decorations, and almost everything you want to use for making the interior personalised. Do you like this mix of cool silver and lively green, stylish black and feminine pink? Hurry up to order a new metal Eco Deer and share your impressions with us. For more inspiration check this blog and our Instagram.


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