Can plant pots compliment the interior style? Of course, they can. Moreover, they always do. As a plant lover, I know that for sure. Get inspired by my short list of the best plant pots that compliment the interior style of my home and bring nature indoors.

Wall Vases

Let’s start with my favorites. Funny head wall mounts and interesting natural wall decorations are an easy way to decorate home with plants. Such planters as Eco Deer aren’t very big so they can contain relatively small plants, flowers, and leaves. I think that it’s even an advantage. As I love changing the interior often, I can do that easily adding new flowers or branches into my board.

metal Eco Deer


This is a planter that compliments the interior style.

source: Eco Deer

Hanging Planters

This a good idea for small spaces. They look nice in combination with other types of pots. Besides, there are hundreds of hanging planters DIYs. Making it yourself, you are sure that your planter is unique.

Here you can find the most interesting hanging planters.

Festive Planters

I love buying cute ceramic planters before Easter, using transparent glass vases in summer, decorating my planters in autumn, and bringing home some festive joy before Christmas. For me, the New Year’s Day is associated with Christmas lights, sparkles of champagne, fir tree, and citrus smell. This holiday is all about light and glitter. That’s why I’ve already started creating festive atmosphere at home. Shiny planters helped me a lot!

Here are plant pots that compliment the interior style.

Black and White Planters

Black and white is a classic combination that never gets old or boring. I love having several such planters at home. I can put them anywhere and be sure they look nice there.

Here are plant pots that compliment the interior style.

Wicker Planters

These planters look great both indoors and outdoors. They turned out to be a beautiful decoration for my small balcony. So when having slow breakfasts on warm mornings, I get inspired not only by the view of a bustling city but also by looking at my plants.

Here are plant pots that compliment the interior style.

Here are plant pots that compliment the interior style.

However, it doesn’t really matter what planter you use. Whether it’s a fancy handmade planter that costs a lot of money or just a nice mug, this thing has all chances to become your favorite. I like experimenting and finding new creative ways to showcase plants. Using mugs is one of the ways I love. Just look how adorable this cactus looks here!

Here are plant pots that compliment the interior style.

Don’t forget to check other posts concerning planters at UJB. Igor and Judith together with other plant lovers have definitely prepared some cool ideas for you. Stay tuned!


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