Sometimes you may get tired of all those blogs and Facebook posts. You need something elaborate, professional, and educational. You want to read something inspirational and interesting. Searching for online magazines devoted to plants? Check out The Planthunter!

There are different articles on the site. However, all of them are tied with one idea: exploring and showing the connections of people and plants. There are monthly themes the Planthunter team chooses. Contributors may also pitch their articles. As a result, readers get access to an interesting digital magazine with the unique approach and intelligent content.

The Planthunter is an inspirational and educational magazine featuring the connections between people and plants.

The Planthunter is created by Georgina Reid, a writer and landscape designer. Georgina is the person who writes 2-3 stories a week for The Planthunter. She also communicates with contributors, edits posts, resizes images, and carries out other tasks the successful completion of which allows us to see a beautiful product – The Planthunter. Here you may see photos of Georgina’s workspace and courtyard garden.

Such a great courtyard!

The Planthunter team is also running workshops at a botanical lab. Learn how to keep plants happy, enjoy creative indoor gardening, and boost your skills. A lot of inspiration and fun – this is how these workshops sound for me.

The Planthunter is another interesting site on my list of favorites. Remember to check out its Instagram account. Stay tuned!

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