What things inspire you? Is it an interesting book, a new song, or a famous painting? We find inspiration in good interiors.There are some designs that amaze us. Here is the example of the interior design we really like.
This flat looks spacious and sophisticated.

Minimalistic Scandinavian style apartment with 2 bedrooms in Sweden – 67 sq.m The combination of the basic white color and grey tones make the flat look clean, modern, and stylish. Light and simple lamps and high-quality fabrics are other characteristic features of this design.

Photos from 55kvadrat.se

The space is divided into several zones. Due to the big windows and the usage of light colors, this relatively small area looks spacious. The flat is big enough for containing different zones. Besides, there is an access from the bed to the patio that functions as a recreational area. It’s easy to imagine how the owners of this flat have breakfast at this sunny patio or host small parties.

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Plants graсe the interior, making it lively and natural. There is something green in every room: several pots in the living room, edible herbs in the kitchen, a bunch of green plants in the bedroom, and several green branches in the bathroom. Together with soft fabrics and colors, plants make this flat a comfortable place for living.

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