Whether you spend the whole day working from your home office or work there for several hours a few times a week, this place still must be inspirational and motivational. There are several elements that make your home office more comfortable: houseplants, art, and, of course, mood boards. Here are some ideas that may inspire you.

1. What about the background?

Before jumping into the creation process, think about the place where you will mount a mood board. It may be a white wall behind your computer, a cork or a magnet board. When you decide where to place inspirational photos, choose the color palette.

2. DIY is cool

If you love making decorations yourself, search for cool mood boards DIYs. You may start from choosing the materials you’d like to use: wood, bronze, plastic, etc. You can make a wire grid organizer, a framed cork board, painted sanded hardwood, etc. Depending on the type of material, for creating an inspiration board for your home office you may use pins, tape, and pegs.

3. Not only art

What things are the most inspirational for you? Beside photos and illustrations, you may decorate your mood board with plants, flowers, jewelry, and textiles. Have fun!

If you want your interior to look appealing, the best way to do it is to make it personalized. For example, as a plant lover, you will enjoy living in a green home that is full of plants. Filling your home with plants doesn’t have to be boring. Use some interesting ways to bringing plants indoors. For example, mount the Eco Deer board over your desk. It will complement your mood board. Moreover, it will boost your mood every day.

Ideal decoration for your home office.

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