Spring inspires to redecorate interiors, enriching them with the vivid greenery energy. As a fan of botanical wall decor, I know that one of the best ways to bring some nature inside is to use botanical art. Today I offer you to have a closer look at gorgeous botanical watercolors works by Kira Gulley.

Meet Kira Gulley, the artist inspired by nature.

About Kira

Kira Gulley is a talented artist born and raised in California. As relatives and friends describe her, Kira is an adventure seeker and nature lover. However, her love to nature seems to be obvious when you see the artist’s works. They combine harmoniously such aesthetic features as minimalism, botanical style, simplicity, and attention to details.

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Nature is the¬†main source of inspiration for Kira. Driven by the wanderlust, the artist enjoys new adventures that bring her a lot of creative energy. As a result, lovely new sketches of the delicate beauty nature appear in Kira’s sketchbook.

Kira Gulley:

Every time I reach a breathtaking landscape, I’ll always end up looking a little bit closer at the small details one by one that piece together the bigger view. I’ll begin to gather flowers and leaves and embrace the smaller things that unify the beauty that surrounds me. Often I am drawn towards ferns, mushrooms, old wood, pine cones, and wildflowers. I find great beauty in the simple and organic lines that nature creates and I strive to capture that in my art.

The creative process

Kira starts from making quick sketches and getting inspired by photographs she’s made during trips. Then she turns these sketches into final drawings, adding watercolor. Using minimal brush strokes, the artist makes each detail look even more realistic. As a result, these works look like pieces of art.

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A post shared by Kira Gulley (@kiragulleyart) on

Want to find out more about Kira Gulley? Check out the artist’s Facebook page and Instagram.

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