There are many things that inspire me: botanical trends, Scandinavian interiors, interesting decor… Here is a post that combines all these things. It features the flat of one talented person.

Johanna Bradford is a popular interior blogger living in Gothenburg, Sweden. She writes about lifestyle and interior design. She combines creative direction, PR, social media, and styling. I checked out Johanna’s Instagram account, and got inspired by her photos, designs, and lifestyle. There is nothing strange that her home is also inspirational. Have a look at it.

johanna-bradford-home johanna-bradford-home johanna-bradford-home

There are many lovely things in this interior. First of all, I enjoy its soft color palette. The combination of white and grey hues makes the place cozy. Johanna uses great floral wallpapers. They add some personality to every room, functioning as a perfect background for photos, drawings, and other artworks.

johanna-bradford-home johanna-bradford-home johanna-bradford-home johanna-bradford-home

This flat combines classics with some contemporary vibes. Here you may find vintage things, pieces of furniture bought at the antique shop. All the things look nice together, creating a special atmosphere. Textures and structures work perfectly. I like soft linen pillows in the living room and the matching bedding in the bedroom.

johanna-bradford-home johanna-bradford-home

Of course, you must have noticed that there are several plants in this apartment. Beside using floral patterns, Johanna brings some greenery to her home. Houseplants in pots and fresh flowers or blossom branches in vases make the atmosphere lively and inviting.

johanna-bradford-home johanna-bradford-home

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I’m sure you love this great Scandinavian interior. What do you like most of all? Share in comments.

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