There are so many great plant lovers who make interiors lively and green. Some of them work as interior designers, some develop their business. There are also those who write interesting posts about plants. I always wonder how homes of these people look. Are they little jungles? Do they contain all the greenery possible? Let’s find out.

I’ve already been writing about such awesome places as homes of Johanna Bradford and Lisa Munoz. Their dwellings are different. They differ in style and the general atmosphere. However, these plant lovers managed to add nature into their homes. They used houseplants, flowers, branches, etc. This post features theĀ home of another plant lover – Igor Josifovic.

Let’s start with Igor Josifovic’s digital home – Happy Interior Blog. Igor writes:

This blog focuses on interior design and decoration ideas for happy homes, it showcases the beauty of our world and the inspiration brought back home through travels, and it highlights to beauty and beneficial power of houseplants.

Isn’t that cool? Besides, in 2014, it was awarded “Best International Blog”. As for Igor’s real home, its photos were featured in many publications. One of them was IKEA Family Magazine.

Despite being small (32m2), Igor’s home is cozy and lively. The secret lies in multi-functionality. Furniture and plants are used for defining different areas. The combination of the calm palette, art, and colorful textiles makes this apartment interesting. It shows the owner’s personality.




Plants have a special role in this apartment. You may notice them on walls andĀ furniture pieces, in crates and greenhouses. They make the place so vibrant and create a calming atmosphere.


If you like Igor’s apartment, hurry up to make your home so vibrant and green as well. Share your results with me. Happy planting!

sources of photos: IKEA 1, 2.

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