Thinking about the nice and cozy interior, people usually don’t consider white and black colors to be a nice combination. These colors are thought to be boring and simple. Some say that white is too clean. Besides, black is considered to be too dark. However, these colors may be a perfect basis for creating an interesting personalized interior design. (pic. via letsgosunning )


Let’s start with the nursery. You may paint the walls black or white without hesitation. These primary colors will look nice, being accented by other tones. In order to create an interesting combination, use different patterns: stripes, triangles, starts, etc. If all these patterns are done in a black&white pallette, they won’t look too much. Don’t forget that you may use other colors for adding some accents to the interior. The same concerns textures. Use metal and wooden elements to enhance the design. (pic. via mcpherson4 , ministyleblog , penelopehome , lisbet-e)



Wood is a special material that provides the interior with warmth and comfort. If you use wooden elements right, you’ll notice that the black and white interior has become livelier and cozier. However, don’t use too much wood. Wooden details look great. However, when there are too much of them, the design becomes too simple.


If you kitchen is in black and white colors, consider buying a wooden table. Beside being durable, a wooden table is easy to clean. Wooden shelves and countertops will also look great.  (photos via myscandinavianhome , roomed )


If you don’t have the possibility to use massive wooden elements in the design, consider buying wooden utensils. Even a cutting board or a bunch of spoons will change the atmosphere in your kitchen. Remember that when you add a big wooden element to your interior, you shouldn’t use other wooden material. A big table or a wooden floor is enough. (pic. via sharedesign , sarahshermansamuel ,  sfgirlbybay )

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Living room

If you want to change the interior of the black and white living room, make sure you use small elements: a coffee table, a chair, or a delicate shelving unit. These items won’t make the design bulky. If you don’t want to change a lot of things, start with small changes. Replace the massive legs of your coffee table with new wooden ones. Experiment!

(pic. via qanvast ,  mydomaine , sfgirlbybay , newzealanddesignblog , ispydiy)


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The same principle concerns the bedroom. Using such small wooden elements like bedside tables and headboards, you make the design cozier without ruining the back and white combination. You may also consider buying small wooden accessories: trays, candleholders. etc. ( pic. via mivinteriores , yesterdayssweetheart , home-designing )

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A lot of wooden elements in the bathroom isn’t a great idea. However, wooden vanities will look just right. They will balance nicely with black and white elements. Consider buying organizers and other bathroom accessories that suit the color of these vanities. (pic. via sharedesign , jacquelynclark , scraperka )

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Working place

As for the working place, there are many tips for decorating the black and white interior. If you’ve already got a comfortable and stylish wooden desk, it will look awesome. You may also use wooden shelves and chairs. However, you can get the same effect, having used several wooden accessories: picture frames, notice boards, etc.

(pic. via westelm , theultralinx , ecodeers , stilinspiration.myhome )

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In order to make any black and white interior warmer and cozier, use several wooden elements. It shouldn’t be something massive. One big wooden element of several small ones will be enough for making the interior interesting and visually appealing.

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