I can’t get enough of the current tropical leaf trend. Tropical leaves may be found everywhere. They are printed on cushions, furniture, wallpapers, clothes, pictures, etc.

That’s great because a nice combination of colors and shapes may give interiors the right amount of edge. However, I believe that we can achieve the same effect, using just fronds. A bright green tropical leaf put in a vase will make the room look edgy, organic, and geometric.


I like the idea that people have moved from simple potted plants to interesting leafy greens. Simple ideas really work. A green massive tropical leaf put simply in a vase or a bottle is a great accessory for bright interiors.


source: The Jungalow

source: The Jungalow

There are some tropical leaves that are used most often. The first in the list is a Monstera leaf. It’s commonly known as a Split Leaf Philodendron.

source: staperezblog

Simply putting the foliage in a vase is a great idea as it makes the interior dramatic and neat. Another plant type you can choose is the Banana Leaf.

These bright green massive smooth leaves will also look nice in arrangements with other fronds. The geometry of a Fan Palm Leaf changes the interior, making it edgy and more interesting. Leaves of Bird of Paradise, Areca Palm, Papyrus, Aralia, and Fern are other possible greenery looking great in the design.


It’s not difficult to use tropical leaves. You can find them in most of the flower shops. Besides, they don’t cost a lot. Moreover, these leaves are easy to care for. Most of all I enjoy using Fan Palm, Aralia, Areca Palm, and Banana leaves. I put them in capsules of Eco Deer. Every 2-3 days I add some water into capsules. This helps leaves to be green and bright for a long time.




A tropical leaf trend is a great way to make our interiors livelier and cozier. I’m happy that Eco Deer helps us follow it. Get inspired. Add more greenery to your home.

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