Eco Deer is a botanical wall vase for plant lovers. It’s like a trophy board, but for flower hunters. Today our team has decided to share with you details of Eco Deer creation. We hope you’ll love this behind-the-scenes edition.


1. Get creative

Every process will have better results if it involves inspiration and creativity. To create great botanical wall vases our team members spend a lot of time outside, enjoying the beauty of nature and getting inspired by the effect of plants on our life. We soak up positive feelings and start experimenting: making photos of favorite plants, trying out different flower arrangements, and designing new Eco Deer boards.

IMG_2797 IMG_2989

Everything started with a simple wooden Eco Deer. Now you can get the color you like, choosing from black, white, golden, mint, and even pink. Moreover, we even have metal Eco Deer boards in gray and black colors.


2. Time to work!

The next stage is crafting. All Eco Deer boards are manufactured in a small workshop in Ukraine. Craftsmen use only solid eco wood. Then they cover boards with eco-friendly acrylic paint and stamp them.

Eco Deer: behind the scenes

IMG_4996 IMG_5071

3. What a beautiful package!

When Eco Deer boards are ready, we carefully pack them and send these precious packages all over the world. We enjoy knowing that so many plant lovers around the world have become owners of this botanical vase. Eco Deer loves finding a new home!

Eco Deer Eco Deer

These were 3 official stages of Eco Deer creation. There is also another stage we love – getting your photos and feedbacks. Reading your kind reviews make us leap with joy! It’s one of those things that inspire us to design new boards and create interesting flower arrangements.

black Eco Deer

Eco Deer helps us find inspired people from all over the world who love natural home decor as we do. Thank you for all the love and support!

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