About the idea

Have you ever thought that every new idea is just a combination of what the person has seen and experienced? I can’t say that the idea of Eco Deer just popped up in my head. I was always inspired by the way how simple natural elements can make your home décor vivid and interesting.


When everything started

I started thinking seriously about the concept of Eco Deer in winter of 2015 when I was travelling around the USA with my husband. I liked the idea so much that I couldn’t think about anything than coming back home and starting working on this project. I didn’t expect it to become very popular. I just thought about turning ideas into reality. Having come back to Ukraine, I started working hard to let Eco Deer come into the world as soon as possible. After several weeks of finishing my to-do lists (make a prototype model, find the material, contact the producers), I finally got the first sample of Eco Deer.

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My love to Eco Deer

What will you get when you combine minimalism, natural look, and simplicity? Right, Eco Deer. I treat Eco Deer as a floral trophy board for home decor. I believe that it’s a neat basis for new creative projects. Nature, the most talented creator, presents us with unique flowers, plants, branches, etc. I offer all flower lovers to use these things in decor. Decorating your space with Eco Deer, you can create the new design every season or even every day.



Eco Deer is 100% ecological. All elements are produced in Ukraine. We use natural wood and other details, making this product something I’m proud of.



I love using different flowers and plants. Everything depends both on the season and my mood. The special thing about Eco Deer is that you can compose it of various materials: silk and natural flowers, plants, branches. Branches are my favorite. Their graphical look contrasts with the background, placing greater emphasis on the interior. As for the flowers, I really like using gladioli and calla lilies. I enjoy adding a cotton branch into my Eco Deer. It’s nice that I don’t have to water it.



I get inspired by all the beautiful things around me: a new day, the sunlight, or flowers that I’ve bought at the florist’s. When it’s raining outside, I need more colors. So I use natural flowers to make the decor brighter. In autumn, I like to add yellow leaves into the interior. In winter, I enjoy putting branches of fir and holly into Eco Deer bouquets. There are interesting flower arrangements for all seasons.



About the plans

I’m focused on constant development and improvement. After two months, the Eco Deer’s team grew up to 6 people. Our Instagram account got 6000 followers. However, numbers aren’t the most important thing to us. The goal of Eco Deer is to create the community of inspired people who love natural home decor as we do.


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