Hello, dear readers! Welcome to a modern bright apartment that fascinates with its functionality, space usage, combination of colors, and liveliness. Besides, it has a lovely blue bedroom. So come in!

Do you like studios that tend to be so popular? Here is another good example of designing the space in such way that it combines a kitchen, living room, and dining room. Moreover, all the areas are clearly defined and well-designed.

In the cooking area, you may notice the classic combination of black and white. Designers have made it even more interesting by adding lovely kitchen tiles. As you look around, you feel cozier and more homelike due to a beautiful dark blue armchair, a coffee table with a marble countertop, a lovely fern growing simply in a vase, an Edison lamp adding the vintage feeling, and a furnace decorated with sleek white tiles.

The blue bedroom looks so soothing and inviting that this would definitely be my favorite place if I had the privilege to live in this apartment. Together with white wooden floors, dark blue colors of the walls create the maritime feeling. A big window with a lovely plant on it provides the room with the needed amount of light. Minimum of staff, a rail with several jackets, and a cozy pile of blankets on the bed turn this bedroom into the¬†magical kingdom where less is more and white isn’t always the best color for walls.

If you also like this apartment, feel free to comment so I’ll know what new ideas you’ll enjoy most of all. Have a nice week!

source: planete deco
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