Scandinavian interiors never fail to amaze me. Today I want to share with you the inspiration from a great apartment in Sweden. This flat is bright and very cozy.

Let’s have a closer look at the details I like most of all. Everything is white: the floors, walls, ceiling, and furniture. Grey and beige colors add the delicious bit of contrast to the complete white look. A big living room functions as a bedroom and a dining room at the same time. It features a comfortable sofa that creates a nice relaxation area. Looking at the metal floor lamp, I imagine how cozy it may be to sit on the sofa, drink tea, and watch TV or read a book.

1.03 1.02 1.06

I like the textiles the designers used in this flat: matching tablecloth and bedcover, cozy cushions on the sofa and bed. Together with interesting botanical posters and paintings, these details make the flat look cozy and lively. These elements make the space look like your home. Nevertheless, they preserve the cleanness and brightness.

1.04 1.05

Beside botanical patterns on the walls, there are many real plants. You may find some greenery in every room: a vase with flowers in the hallway, some herbs in the kitchen, plants in the living room, and a green leaf in the bathroom. I like the way how green elements are used in this apartment. They strike a balance in the white space.

1.08 1.09

There are many interesting details that make this apartment special. You must have noticed how natural plants and flowers look in this clean modern space. I’m inspired by the combination of colors, brightness, and liveliness of this apartment. What do you like most of all? Waiting to read your comments.


all photos via 55 kvadrat 

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