Did you enjoy the Christmas holidays? We really liked its atmosphere: the festive music in the stores, hundreds of decorated trees around the city, the smell of mulled wine at the markets. Trying to create the special atmosphere of holidays in our homes, we bring home mulled wine mugs bought at the markets. However, you can also turn home into the coziest place on Earth, using only natural elements. Here are some tips that will help you do it.


1. Mount a wreath

A fresh green DIY wreath will look nice in every interior. Creating the natural look, a wreath will also make your home smell as a forest. Wreaths are easy to make. You can use different types of plants: moss, ivy, eucalyptus, berries, pinecones, etc. However, the simplest variant may be the best. A combination of several fir or holly branches will look both rustic and cozy.


2. Experiment

Don’t hesitate to use different materials. The fern, eucalyptus, bark, juniper, moss-covered twigs, and birch leaves can create a perfect festive natural decoration. They are easy to get – just visit the local market. Besides, you can enjoy another journey when going to the forest with your family. Coming home, you’ll be full of inspiration. You’ll also have a bunch of plants and berries that will look awesome in every interior.


Photo Via Batixa.

3. Pick up some pinecones

Acorns, sticks, pinecones, and walnuts are great materials for interior decoration. They are easy to use. These elements look nice, creating the natural atmosphere. A bunch of pinecones will ideally garnish the dining table, the mantelpiece, or any other surface. Put your favorite plants or berries into a glass jar. Enjoy the simplicity of this festive decoration.



4. The details that matter

In order to create a cozy winter interior, you don’t need a lot of money. You need some time and inspiration. Consider the details. An evergreen pine branch on the dining table will smell nice, reminding you of slow summer mornings spent outside. Looking at the small red berries decorating your workplace, you’ll reflect on the Christmas holidays. As for the Christmas tree, you can always use a tree in a pot. It will delight the eye for a long time.


Picture from scandinaviastandard.com


5. Think about nature

The natural elements can garnish nicely your walls. Wooden letters and figures create a special atmosphere of calmness and simplicity. Another interesting variant is to use Eco Deer, a trophy board for flower hunters. Here is a 3-steps guide for making your interior more interesting. Take an Eco Deer board


Put a fir branch into the capsule. Mount the board on the wall. Voila! The interior looks more festive and elaborate. Use any plants and flowers you want, changing the interior as often as you want.



Creating a nice atmosphere at home isn’t a difficult task. Winter is a great time for making the interior cozier and more natural. Use wooden elements, branches, pinecones, leaves, and other materials for nice decorations. Or combine everything on one board.

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