Look outside. The spring is here. Although it doesn’t look like a real spring yet, you can already feel the warmth. The fresh air, green leaves, and blossoming flowers make you happier and more energized. Bring some spring vibes into your interior with a help of plants. Here are some interesting ways to do that.


If you’ve already got some houseplants at home, take them from the ground level and line up on a bench or another narrow surface. You don’t need a lot of space for that. However, this simple idea allows you to make the interior livelier.


source: My Attic

Another interesting idea is to put plants in corners. Big plants may stand there alone. Smaller plants can be put on shelves and tables. Thus, you decorate corners and use the space wisely.


source: decordots

Many people enjoy brightening the space with a help of hanging planters. They look awesome near windows in living rooms or kitchens. Besides, a kitchen is the room where succulents and herbs will look the most appropriate. Let your dreams come true. Allow yourself to have that nice cooking area you’ve seen million times on inspirational blogs. Everything you need is the combination of simplicity and cleanness: simple lines, green herbs, and a lot of light.

One of the easiest ways to make home lively is to use branches, leaves, or flowers and a glass vase. This is so simple. However, it looks beautiful. Another idea you may like is making your walls become a living art installation. Look how great these plants look on the wall. They resemble antlers. As you know, this is the theme I really like.


source: popsugar

Being inspired by all these beautiful botanical ideas, I’ve decided to make a short DIY, using my Eco Deer. Green leaves add the needed contrast. I combined several plants to create different looks.


IMG_4022 IMG_4006

This combination is so fresh and clean. I can’t get enough of colors. With this look, the atmosphere in the room immediately becomes festive.


I think that all tropical trend fans will like the way this plant looks with Eco Deer. It becomes the focal point of the room. Edgy and bright.


Putting branches in capsules of Eco Deer, you get nice botanical decorations. If you change the water in these capsules, you may enjoy the beautiful greenery look up to 10 days.

IMG_3991 IMG_3940 IMG_3932The best way to decorate your interior for spring is to experiment. What botanical ideas have you got? Which of my decoration tips do you like most of all? Waiting for your comments!


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