Let’s imagine that you’ve decided to add some plants to your interior. Although it isn’t difficult, you might just not have enough time for it. In such case, you may use the services of interior plant design studio. Recently I’ve found one of such services. It’s called Leaf and June.

Leaf and June is the plant design and installation studio in New York. Their main services include consultation, the creation of design proposals, plants delivery, maintenance, plant care guide, etc. Leaf and June was found by Lisa Munoz, a beautiful plant lover from San Antonio. After moving to NY, she understood the importance of plants and their influence on her life. After getting the Certificate in Horticulture and working for some time at plant shops, she turned her plants obsession into a business.


Lisa knows how to create a cozy environment. Using indoor plants, she makes places warmer and brighter. She also uses tropical plants and succulents. They always make the interior more inviting. Have a look at some of Lisa’s beautiful works (photos via Leaf and June).



In an interview with The Style Line Lisa says:

Leaf and June embraces sustainability and I encourage people to embrace cohabitation with plants as well.  In a busy city like New York, I find that incorporating plants into your space reminds us that there is beauty in nature and it enhances our quality of life.

3The home of Lisa Munoz is also full of plants. Look at this bedroom. There are two snake plants on each side of the bed. You may also notice a gold-dust plant and a ZZ plant. I can only imagine how clean the air there is.

source: vogue.com

source: vogue.com

Lisa’s home is full of plants and vintage or inherited things. It looks cozy and appealing. Although I’m not a fan of the eclectic style, I like the interior design of this flat. Windows let it bathe in sunlight. Plants make it lively.

Lisa’s decorating style inspired me to make the interior brighter and livelier. What about you? Are you going to fill the home with plants?

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