Do you know about the effects plants have on the interior? They bring some nature indoors, making the space fresh and clean. Besides, they have a positive effect on our health. NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America state that plants filter out VOCs (volatile organic compounds). To put it simply, some plants purify the air. Thus, they boost our productivity and improve the mood. Here is a list of 10 plants that purify the air.

1. Aloe vera

Have you known that aloe is also a succulent species? Beside cleaning the air, it can heal sunburns and other skin conditions. As a sun-loving plant, aloe will look great on a kitchen windowsill.

plants that purify the air

plants that purify the air

2. Spider plant

Do you often forget about watering plants? Buy a spider plant. It grows easily and doesn’t need much water or sunlight. It’s also safe for pets.

spider plant

spider plant

spider plant

source: vtwonen

3. Snake plant

Bathroom and bedroom are the best places where you can put this plant. Beside making the interior look more interesting, snake plants filter out formaldehyde and provide you with an oxygen boost. You can read more about snake plant in this post.

snake plant

4. Weeping fig

This plant can also be called a ficus or ficus benjamina. Effectively filtering all the toxins, a weeping fig becomes a perfect addition to every office or dwelling. You’ll love glossy wavy leaves of this plant.

weeping fig

5. Azalea

This is a great plant that will add bright colors to the interior. Azalea grows nicely in cool areas so you can plant it even in your basement. This flowering shrub will purify the air and add some beauty to every room.

6. English ivy

Outdoors, English ivy grows fast, invading all the open areas. However, being potted, it’s not a threat to you. It’s a threat only to formaldehyde that can be found in some cleaning products.

7. Heartleaf philodendron

This nice plant will remove all the VOCs. Its beautiful vines complement almost every interior. However, make sure your kids or pets can’t get it. Heartleaf philodendron is toxic if eaten.

8. Peace lily

I’d plant these gorgeous flowers only for their look. Being soft and feminine, peace lilies adorn the interior. Besides, they combat toluene and xylene, making the air cleaner.

peace lily

9. Rubber plant

This plant has shiny deep green leaves. It gives warmth and contrast. Easy-care. Who needs more reasons?

rubber plant

plants that purify the air

10. Assorted ferns

Boston, Staghorn, and Crocodile ferns are a great choice for many interiors. They won’t just purify the air. They will become a crisp counterpoint.

Staghorn Fern

There are also some other plants that clean the air: golden pothos, chrysanthemum, red-edged dracaena, warneck dracaena, Chinese evergreen. They will filter the air and make your work more productive. Try them out!

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