Instagram brings a lot of joy. It’s a great tool for developing business, relaxing, and finding inspiration. Here is a list of the best botanical Instagram accounts. Check them out!

1. The Jungalow

This is a bright and colorful Instagram account of The Jungalow, one of the best design blogs. It’s the source of bohemian design inspiration. You’ll like this combination of plants, colors, and patterns.

2. Cactus Magazine

As you may understand from the title, Cactus Magazine shows different types of cacti. If you love such “spikes”, follow this account. There are many interesting plant ideas and funny pictures.

3. Pistils Nursery

Instagram account of the plants web shop from Portland features beautiful photos of plants, making everyone fall in love with the greenery.

4. Janneke Luursema

Looking at the works of this Amsterdam-based photographer, you see the real beauty of plants in the interior. With a help of all these shadows and interesting compositions every photo tells its own story.

5. Jenny K

Watercolor drawings of plants made by this talented botanical artist inspire me a lot. Living Pattern shares photos of her works and a sunny studio. Read more about the artist in this post.

6. Carpenter’s Daughter

This account is very natural and inspirational. It features the beauty of a workshop and the working process of many talented artists. Unique and creative.

7. Loose Leaf

I bet it’s the greenest Instagram account you’ve seen. Follow this account to use a great chance to learn more about different plant types and get a daily dose of plant inspiration.

8. Margo Hupert

Beside beautiful plant drawings and clean bright interiors this account features photos of Margo’s cats and a hedgehog. Isn’t that cool?

9. Chelsea Bieber

Here you may see a bunch of botanical interiors. Chelsea’s got great styling and decorating ideas.

10. Eco Deer

You will love this Instagram account if you like botanical interiors, interesting plants, and natural home decor elements. It’s bright and colorful. It’s the source of inspiration for many plant lovers.

Do you know any other great botanical Instagram accounts? Share your ideas in comments. Waiting for your answer! Stay inspired.

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